Isla Animals is holding the 5th annual  spay/neuter and wellness clinic in Rancho Viejo, Mexico, December 1st to 5th, 2017. Last year, with your help, we spayed and neutered over 500 dogs and cats. We treated them—and so many more—in dire need of medical assistance!
Without our efforts, most of the female dogs in this region end up either pregnant or nursing for most of their short lives! 
Did you know that…. 
  • Many don't live past 1 ½ - 2 ½ years
  • A typical female dog can have up to 100 puppies
It is tragic for them to be born on the street, unwanted, unvaccinated, with no resources or parasitic medications, left to die. With your help, we can prevent this from happening with as little as $30 per treatment.

How can we do a full surgery and treat dogs and cats for so little?
  • We have a wonderful group of volunteers, including veterinarians from Mexico, USA and Canada who have returned year after year, donating their time.
  • The local government provides support because they see the need and appreciate and value our help.
  • We can buy our medicines and vaccines with bulk discounts when we have the proper funding. This is crucial for their survival and well being.

The residents are so grateful and are eagerly awaiting our return! There are no vets in the Rancho Viejo area. This is part of the Municipality of Isla Mujeres, located near Cancun. The residents have no means to help their animals or to control overpopulation and disease. They have no personal transportation and taxis will not allow them to transport animals to visit vets in Cancun. Therefore we must go to them. 

The more money we raise—the more supplies we can buy and the more animals we can save. We can provide medicine that prevents parasites, both internal and external. These animals suffer horribly from mange and fungal infections and often scratch themselves raw. Puppies do not survive severe internal worm infestations. We can change that—with your help to, once again, make this annual clinic a great success.   

Scroll through the pictures above from last year's clinic work and see some of the dogs rescued. Watch the video  to see how Isla Animals was founded.

Click on "view all" button on contributions to see where your donations go.

Isla Animals (a 501c3) has been operating for 16 years in Isla Mujeres Mexico, making a positive difference in animal welfare by:
  • Controlling overpopulation with spay/neuter campaigns
  • Parasite control, internal and external, which are deadly to animals if left untreated
  • Vaccinations against deadly diseases
  • Tending to medical needs and helping injured animals
  • Educating owners on proper animal care
  • Rehoming street dogs to caring families in Mexico, the USA and Canada.

Help us is lower the unwanted population, vaccinate against disease, treat the existing animals, and educate the people. That is the answer! Last year we had to turn many residents away! We told them we would be back this year. We want to treat every animal brought to us! We thank you for taking the time to explore and hope you will continue to support our work. 

Please share this on your social media outlets and tell everyone you can about us. All we need is your support to continue to make this happen.



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